This site is for wholesale purchases only. Once approved you'll have access to all products at wholesale pricing. All orders require a minimum order of $300. If you have any questions please check FAQ or Contact Us

(We can also produce and optimize better products based on your innovation)


  1. Q: What is the minimum order amount to place an order?

A: We currently have a minimum of $300 per order before shipping and after any discounts have been applied. You will not be able to complete checkout with an order amount less than the required minimum.

  1. Q: What shipping services do you offer?

A: Currently we offer USPS and DHL as shipping carriers that takes 3 to 5 business days. If the cargo exceeds 300KG would go air that takes 10 to 15 days.


  1. Q: Why was my application for an account rejected?

A: If you received an email that your account was not approved it is most likely because there was incomplete or inaccurate information on your registration. We require that a valid FEIN number is provided and that a valid business license is uploaded. If this information is invalid or not provided your registration will be denied. For more information on why your application was denied please contact us.

  1. Q: Why was I partially refunded after my order was fulfilled?

A: If you were refunded after fulfillment this is usually due to an inventory issue and we did not have the required stock to completely fulfill your order. When available, we will first contact you to see if you would like a substitution. If no substitutions are available, you will be automatically refunded for the missing item(s).

5.Q: What do I do if I receive something broken or the wrong items?

A: If you receive any damaged or incorrect items, you'll need to contact us and provide a picture of the damaged or incorrect items. 

Contact Us

For anything about wholesale, please email us at wholesale@waxmaid.com. 

We typically reply within 24 hours.