Waxmaid FAQ

1. Where can I buy Waxmaid water pipes?
You can purchase any water pipes you like on our official website https://waxmaidstore.com or emailing us at service@waxmaid.com, we’ll reply you promptly.
Customer service: Li Jian

2.Does the water pipe come with stem & bowl?
There is no bowl in Waxmaid silicone water pipes kit, but any kit can be used directly once opened the package, as all the accessories like Glass adapter, Quartz banger and Honeycomb percolator are included in it.

3.What’s the pipe made of? 
Waxmaid silicone is BPA Free, Non Toxic, please rest assured to smoke.

4.How do I clean my pipe? 
Cleaning is an important step to maintain the your water pipes, please disassemble Magneto into two parts, use moderate alcohol or dish soap to clean it after smoking.

5.Can the pipe broke? 
Our Magneto water pipes is made of unbreakable silicone and the body is bump-proof, but the accessories Glass adapter and Quartz banger can be broken.

6.When can I receive my pipe?
USA (3-7 business days), deliver via USPS from our US office.