Waxmaid FAQ

1. Where can I buy Waxmaid water pipes?
You can purchase any water pipes you like on our official website https://waxmaidstore.com or emailing us at service@waxmaidstore.com, we’ll reply to you promptly.

2. Does the water pipe come with downstem & bowl?
Yes, all water pipes come with its own downstem and 14mm glass bowl (Nector collector, bubbler series are not included)

3.What’s the pipe made of? 
Waxmaid silicone is BPA Free, Non-Toxic, please rest assured to use.

4. How do I clean my pipe? 
Fill the hybrid water pipe with alcohol//suds/hot water/lemon juice, shake it, add some salt if it's necessary, or brush it with toothpaste, your smoke piece will be shining bright and clean as new!

5. Can the pipe break? 
Waxmaid water pipes are made of unbreakable silicone and the body is bump-proof, but the accessories Glass adapter and Quartz banger can be broken.

6. When can I receive my package?
USA (3-4 business days), delivery via USPS from our warehouse.