Waxmaid 7.3" Magneto S Mini Silicone Water Pipe

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  • Waxmaid Magneto S mini silicone water pipe is made of Platinum Cured Silicone material. It's certified “food safe” for culinary applications and the safety level goes above and beyond FDA approval standards.
  • It's solid, durable and safe to use directly.
  • There is a strong magnet in the downstem for collecting your lighter / dab tools, so you'll never lose them again.
  • Magneto S Mini is an upgraded version of Magneto S, bent neck mouthpiece is more user-friendly, and the smaller size makes it truly portable on the go.
  • The suction base design prevents your water pipe from being knocked over.
  • Silicone material rather than glass saves your time and energy to clean up.
  • 11 beautiful colors available.
  • Waxmaid's original patent design, any similar models on the market are copied products!

What's included
Waxmaid Magneto S mini silicone water pipe comes with an 18mm glass adapter and a 14 mm glass bowl.

The size comparison of Magneto series
Waxmaid magneto series smoking waterpipes
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