Waxmaid 9" Magneto S Honeycomb Perc Water Pipe with Ice Catcher

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  • Waxmaid Magneto S silicone honeycomb percolator water pipe is made of platinum-cured silicone material. It's certified “food safe” for culinary applications and the safety level goes above and beyond FDA approval standards. It's definitely unbreakable, durable, and safe to use directly.
  • Waxmaid Magneto S is a honeycomb percolator water pipe with an ice catcher in the chamber, you can add ice on the ice catcher, it helps you to enjoy filtered, cleaner, better-tasting and extra-cool smoke, making the hit much smoother for your throat and lungs.
    Waxmaid Magneto S Honeycomb Percolator Water Pipe
  • There is a strong magnet in the downstem for collecting your lighter/dab tools, so you'll never lose them again.
    Waxmaid Magneto S Honeycomb Percolator Water Pipe With Strong Magnet on Slide
  • Magneto S is an upgraded version of Magneto, bent neck mouthpiece design is more user-friendly.
  • The suction base design prevents your water pipe from being knocked over.
  • The two-part structure of the Waxmaid Magneto S silicone water pipe allows you to disassemble the water pipe into two parts and put them into your dishwasher for convenient cleanup.
  • 11 beautiful colors available.
  • Waxmaid's original patent design, any similar models on the market are copied products!

What's included
Waxmaid Magneto S silicone water pipe comes with an 18mm glass adapter, no glass bowl!

The size comparison of Magneto series water pipes
The size comparison of Waxmaid Magneto series silicone water pipes
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Magneto silicone honeycomb percolator water Pipe
Magneto S Mini silicone honeycomb percolator water pipe

How to clean Waxmaid Magneto series silicone water pipe?
The best time to clean a greasy water pipe is having it cleaned immediately after use when the resin is still soft, and you only have to deal with a thin buildup. 

  • Silicone water pipes are completely dishwasher safe, you can disassemble Waxmaid Magneto series water pipes into two parts and throw them in your dishwasher.
  • Boiling the silicone water pipe is no problem and won't damage or harm the material, then brush it with dish soap after boiling, scrub to get resin out of your water pipe.
  • Freezing is much more effective and much easier to accomplish because of the flexibility and durability of the silicone.  Simply throw your silicone pipe in the freezer for a couple of hours, letting all the gunk get good and frozen on the sides. Due to the fact that silicone water pipes are flexible, once you take it out from the freezer, you can bend, squeeze it to de-gunk.  
  • We don't recommend use alcohol to clean silicone water pipes as alcohol may be harsh on the silicone over time.

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