Glass Chamber of Waxmaid 8" Silicone Glass Nectar Collector

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This is a glass chamber replacement for Waxmaid 8" silicone glass nectar collector

  • Waxmaid Nectar Collector's flexible silicone body connects to a thick glass smoke chamber that helps to visualize the smoke volume clearly.
  • Within the glass chamber, the smoke circulates through four small openings, cooling it down before inhaling into the lungs and providing consistently smooth hits every time.
    Waxmaid 8 Silicone Glass Nectar Collector Dab Rig

How to clean Waxmaid Nectar Collector's glass chamber?
1. Put the glass chamber into a storage bag.
2. Pour the alcohol of 70% concentration or higher in the storage bag, together with some coarser salt.
3. Shake up the storage bag until the water changed to a dirty brown.

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