About Waxmaid

Waxmaid registered in 2016, is a patent-pending brand that designs and markets high-quality smoking products. All products are designed in California, produced in China. We specialized in the silicone industry for 13 years and occupied about 80% global market share of silicone smoke paraphernalia at present.
Besides the pursuit of product’s quality and innovation. We also put much attention to work division, each department is charged with specific responsibilities. Waxmaid consists of five different departments: R&D Department, production department, operation department, sales department, and customer service department. With ripe mechanism on product R&D, Waxmaid adheres to provide outstanding products and good customer service to the global smoking market.

When people complain the glass is too heavy to carry around, the price of glass is too high, the glass pipe is quite breakable, the silicone water pipe appears as the best alternative. Most people concern about this unbreakable pipe’s material, Waxmaid is strict on quality control and promises each pipe is made of BPA Free, Non-Toxic, heat resistance and odorless.


Till now, Waxmaid has released Magneto water pipe, Magneto S water pipe, Pocketgo water pipe, Handpipe, Miss and Mr. Y water pipes. Considering the glass water pipe is not easy to clean out, All of Waxmaid water pipes are spayed rubber coating on the surface, designed in two parts structure, the bottom part acts as a perfect place to stash percolator, banger and bowl when in transit.
Magneto series is a historical revolution smoke pipe, which has unique suction on the bottom to protect it from knocking down. Magnet in the slide to collect smoke tools. So you’ll never worry about missing the lighter or tool. Honeycomb percolator inside the pipe enhances your smoke icy cool experience. Then, we define the portable mini Pocketgo water pipe as a smart choice for outing and party. While the Hanpipe meets the demand of people who smoke blunt. As for the latest Miss and Mr. Y water pipes, it’s a starter kit for beginners and couple, no need to purchase any other accessories, the kit includes adapter, glass bowl, and pendant. All related accessories like quartz banger, glass bowl and adapter are available to meet customers needs.

We, Waxmaid, stay true to our mission, will keep doing more research on smoking market and presenting more satisfying smoking products to you guys. One month one new smoke pipe is our update pace. If you have any product design suggestion and product problem please contact us via Facebook or Email directly.