Waxmaid 4-Piece Rainbow Herb Grinder 50MM

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Waxmaid 4-Piece Rainbow Herb Grinder!

Rainbow color design is stylish. It is made of Aluminun Alloy material, making it durable, lightweight and efficient!

Featuring a magnetic lid with 28 razor sharp teeth that grind your buds to the perfect consistency every time.

A screen under the teeth catches the grind, while allowing pollen to collect in a separate compartment on the bottom.

4 piece grinder design helps to make the most of your buds and waste nothing.


  • Net Weight: 122g
  • Size: W:50mm(1.97inches) H:39mm(1.54inches)
  • Material: Aluminun Alloy

What's in the package

  • 4-Piece Rainbow Herb Grinder
  • Each grinder includes a pollen screen with a mini scoop. 

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