Waxmaid 7.87" Fountain Silicone Glass Water Pipe

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As a well-known smoking tools brand in the smoking industry, Waxmaid is the first company created silicone water pipe, silicone and glass hybrid water pipe all over the world. We keep innovating our way through, we've updated the product to make smoking more fun at this phase.
Meet 2020 New Year Arrival — Waxmaid Fountain Silicone & Glass Hybrid Waterpipe

There are so much to love about the new drop

  • We turned a purely functional product into a practical, aesthetically and interesting “toy” by putting a miniature fountain design into the water pipe, so we name her “Fountain”. The Fountain waterpipe features a functional sandglass shaped percolator for maximum filtration, the smoke-driven spray is like a fountain coming up from the sandglass shaped percolator, allows the smoke to swirl around and filter itself, this fountain design adds a new dimension to Waxmaid experience, it's one of the smoothest hitting water pipes among all Waxmaid smoke rigs, you just can’t put it away once you have it.


  • Sophisticated workmanship of embossed honeycomb pattern printing on Fountain’s silicone part, providing excellent touch, also added beauty as another new smoke rig to your collection.

  • Fountain waterpipe features a silicone base and top connected with a conical glass tube in the middle for an easy check on flowing water and smoking volume, as well as protecting the glass from breaking down.

  • The Fountain water pipe is made of Platinum Cured Silicone material, the safety level is definitely higher than FDA approved ones, it’s a durable, versatile, and dope cloud machine. 

  • 6 distinctive colors available.

  • Waxmaid original patent design, not cheap copied products!

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    What's included

    • 1* Fountain hybrid rig
    • 1* 14mm male joint glass bowl

    How to Clean a Water Pipe?
    Fill the hybrid water pipe with alcohol//suds/hot water/lemon juice, shake it, add some salt if it's necessary, or brush it with toothpaste, your smoke piece will be shining bright and clean as new!

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