6.9 inches 3-IN-1 Silicone Water Pipe

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The 3-IN-1 water pipe is a transformer!

It's a Nector Collector - assemble mouthpiece & stainless steel stick together, it turns into a durable Nector Collector.

It also can be a normal silicone water pipe, isn't it dope?


  • The 3-IN-1 Water Pipe is made of Platinum Cured Silicone material, its safety level is definitely higher than the FDA approved ones.
  • Silicone material saves your time and energy to clean up.
  • Its downstem comes with a strong magnet for collecting your lighter/ dab tools.
  • A considerate groove on the base chamber for collecting the dab stick.
  • The suction base design prevents your water pipe from being knocked over.
  • 6 beautiful colors available.
  • Waxmaid original patent design, all the similar ones on the market are copied products!

What's included

The 3-IN-1 Water Pipe comes with a 14 mm glass bowl and a dab stick.

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