Waxmaid 8" Universal Traveler Water Bottle Pipe

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[Over 90,000 pieces sold] Waxmaid Traveler water bottle pipe can turn any size bottle into a smoke water pipe, making it perfect on the go.


  • Waxmaid Traveler mouthpiece can be attached to any neck diameter range from 19 mm-39 mm sized wine bottles, beer bottles, water bottles, liquor bottles, and more.
  • Waxmaid Traveler water bottle pipe is made of Platinum Cured Silicone material. It's certified “food safe” for culinary applications and the safety level goes above and beyond FDA approval standards.
  • The Traveler mouthpiece is solid, durable, and safe to use directly.
  • Waxmaid Traveler water bottle pipe is a perfect trip partner.
  • 6 beautiful colors available - Rasta, Pink cream, Blue white green, GID green, Black red, Translucent orange.
  • Waxmaid's original patent design, any similar models on the market are copied products!
    Smoke out of Waxmaid Universal Water Bottle Pipe Traveler

What's included
Waxmaid Traveler water bottle pipe comes with a 14mm glass bowl.

How to make a water bottle pipe with Waxmaid Traveler mouthpiece?
1. Remove the lid of the water bottle/ wine bottle,
2. Assemble the downstem accessories to Traveler mouthpiece
3. Attach Waxmaid Traveler mouthpiece onto the bottle.

How to clean Waxmaid Traveler mouthpiece?
The best time to clean a greasy water pipe is having it cleaned immediately after use when the resin is still soft, and you only have to deal with a thin buildup. 

  • Silicone is completely dishwasher safe, you can put the whole Waxmaid Traveler mouthpiece in your dishwasher.
  • Boiling Waxmaid Traveler mouthpiece is no problem and won't damage or harm the material, then brush it with dish soap after boiling, scrub to get resin out of your water pipe.
  • We don't recommend use alcohol to clean Waxmaid Traveler mouthpiece as alcohol may be harsh on the silicone over time.

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