Hash oil/wax dab water rig/bong for smoking from Waxmaid magneto

by Fen Di April 04, 2017

Smokeadakoosh is really love this Waxmaid wax bong dab rig, he is a new man to youtube in weed (aka weedtube) very funny youtuber, never woory about the quality of his video.
SmokeADaKoosh throw the this silicone bong against the wall again and again! The bong is suitable for you to carry around when you are outdoor. I promise you that the bong won't BREAK!
Buy this bong now:https://waxmaidstore.com/collections/water-pipe/products/magneto-s-silicone-water-pipe
This Silicone bong has the features of:
1. Strong suction on bottom, can be a awesome floating bong on wall.
2. Percolator inside the bong to pure smoke
3. Magnet is slide to help collect your lighter and dabtool conveniently
4. Ice catcher on the top part, smoke icy cool with ice added in it.

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Fen Di
Fen Di


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